Jan 12, 2013

i was looking through my old sketches and i can't believe i've forgotten about this. this was a project some of my classmates and i worked on that fell through waaay back a few years ago, but i preserved the concept art i did for it. it was basically a free-for-all at that point. the art style was chosen so at the bottom i did monsters within that art style.

Jan 8, 2013

New year means new beginnings!! I decided to make peace with Illustrator and the Pen Tool. I'm still getting the hang of it but it's more progress than when I attempted it many times before. A friend asked me to design a logo for her thing so I tried it out in Photoshop and I wasn't happy. Took a crack at it in Illustrator and it looks much better.

I haven't painted anything in a while like I've wanted to since I've been busy trying to get a hang of Illustrator, but it's productive regardless.

Dec 11, 2012


I wouldn't say it's 100% complete, but I think I'm gonna stop touching it and move on. It was an idea I wanted to portray because I've seen a lot of realistic Pokemon out there, and some of the hyper-realistic ones freak me out and in my opinion strayed too far away from the original concepts of these Pokeymans. Let's just say some of the ones I've seen are what Super Mario Bros. the movie is to the Mario franchise.

Anyway, I wanted to take my own spin ever since I was really inspired by Monster Hunter to do some MH Pokemon hybrids for a while now so I finally did it.

Nov 30, 2012

color study

getting back into the groove.. i wanted to do a color study off a really cool photo i found. maybe soon i'll be getting into environments and stuff once i get the hang of drawing and painting again.

Aug 26, 2012


Sorry for the old work..but I felt like I should post it here. This is one of my first character designs I did for class. The theme was a feudal Japanese style explorer-type "Goonies" rendition of four characters. I wanted it to fit the feudal period of the 1600s, so Hildebrandt is a corrupt former Dutch trader. He's supposed to be 6 feet tall so his hakama is really short.

May 6, 2012


I did some Pokemon-style paint overs of reaction images from 4chan. Basically took art and screenshots and painted Pokemon versions. Why? Why not??